Seller: Chelle Fitz
State: Arkansas
City: Springfield
Zip code: 65714
Type: Art & Antiques

This is a 8 in x 11 in drawing my son did October 29, he calls, BUILDING A LIFETIME OF FAMILY LOVE
My son is Allen Lyn and he is 10-years-old with autism.
He is looking to sell his drawing to an art lover created by Children. His goal is to sell enough of his artwork so he can buy more art supplies and to continue creating his love of art.
If you would like a frame email me, here on Etsy, to let me know before buying this item, otherwise we will send u the drawing without the frame. Frame will cost extra.
Again, he is trying to sell his artwork to buy new art supplies to continue his dream of being an artist.
Be sure to check out his sister's, Sindie Jo, artwork as she has the same dream.
He thanks everyone for taking the time to view his work!